Have you noticed that smartphones are beginning to dominate the personal device world? According to one US study done in 2013, 91% of Americans have a cell phone, and 56% have a smart-phone. As well, 34% have a tablet and 26% have an e-reader. Now, with the internet available on networks, you can do a variety of searches and inquiries from wherever you happen to be at the moment using your personal device. If you haven’t felt the gravity of this yet, you soon will. Your next phone will likely be a smart-phone as the world quickly embraces this technology. Which is why the need for responsive web design.

Drifting back a few years, I didn’t think a computer would ever be useful to me until I bought my first one out of curiosity. That was when DOS still ruled … but it took, and I’ve been geeked out on this ever since. A while back my flip phone broke after years of using JB Weld to hold it together. So after paying my respects to the flip phone days, I moved to the new kingdom and bought a smart-phone. A veil was lifted from my eyes.

So now more than ever, Design Menu is thinking about what your site looks like on a phone! Using responsive web designs, which are cross device intuitive and friendly, your web site will look great on a tablet, smart-phone or laptop/desktop computer.

Do you have a site that is not phone friendly? Check in with me about a responsive web design.

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Updated: November 14, 2019